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import datetime
import importlib
import json
import os
import platform
import socket
import sys
import typing as t
from pathlib import Path

from superduperdb import ROOT
from superduperdb.base.exceptions import RequiredPackageVersionsNotFound

from . import command

PYPROJECT = ROOT / 'pyproject.toml'

[docs] @command(help='Print information about the current machine and installation') def info(): print('```') print(json.dumps(_get_info(), default=str, indent=2)) print('```')
[docs] @command(help='Print information about the current machine and installation') def requirements(ext: t.List[str]): out = [] for e in ext: try: importlib.import_module(f'superduperdb.ext.{e}') except RequiredPackageVersionsNotFound as e: out.extend([x for x in str(e).split('\n') if x]) print('\n'.join(out))
def _get_info(): return { 'cfg': _cfg(), 'cwd': Path.cwd(), 'freeze': _freeze(), 'hostname': socket.gethostname(), 'os_uname': list(os.uname()), 'package_versions': _package_versions(), 'platform': _platform(), 'startup_time':, 'superduper_db_root': ROOT, 'sys': _sys(), } def _cfg(): try: from superduperdb import CFG return CFG.dict() except Exception: return '(CFG not yet commited)' def _freeze(): try: from pip._internal.operations.freeze import freeze return list(freeze()) except Exception as e: return [f'Freeze failed with {e}'] def _package_versions(): return {} def _platform(): return { 'platform': platform.platform(), 'python_version': platform.python_version(), } def _sys(): return {'argv': sys.argv, 'path': sys.path}