Source code for superduperdb.misc.runnable.collection

import dataclasses as dc
import typing as t
from functools import cached_property
from queue import Empty, Queue

from .runnable import Runnable
from .thread import HasThread, none


[docs] class HasRunnables(Runnable): """Collect zero or more Runnable into one""" runnables: t.Sequence[Runnable]
[docs] def start(self): for r in self.runnables: r.running.on_set.append(self._on_start) r.stopped.on_set.append(self._on_stop) r.start()
[docs] def stop(self): self.running.clear() for r in self.runnables: r.stop()
[docs] def finish(self): for r in self.runnables: r.finish()
[docs] def join(self, timeout: t.Optional[float] = None): for r in self.runnables: r.join(timeout)
def _on_start(self): if not self.running and all(r.running for r in self.runnables): super().start() def _on_stop(self): if not self.stopped and all(r.stopped for r in self.runnables): super().stop()
[docs] @dc.dataclass class ThreadQueue(HasRunnables): """A simple multi-producer, multi-consumer queue with one thread per consumer. There is a special `finish_message` value, which when received shuts down that consumer. ThreadQueue.finish() puts one `self.finish_message` onto the queue for each consumer. """ callback: t.Callable[[t.Any], None] error: t.Callable = none maxsize: int = 0 name: str = 'thread_queue' thread_count: int = 1 timeout: t.Optional[float] = 0.1 def __post_init__(self): HasRunnables.__init__(self) self.runnables = tuple(self._thread(i) for i in range(self.thread_count)) @cached_property def queue(self) -> Queue: return Queue(self.maxsize)
[docs] def finish(self) -> None: """Put an empty message into the queue for each listener""" for _ in self.runnables: self.queue.put(_SENTINEL_MESSAGE)
def _thread(self, i: int) -> HasThread: thread = HasThread(name=f'{}-{i}', error=self.error) def callback(): self.running.wait() while self.running and thread.running: try: item = self.queue.get(timeout=self.timeout) except Empty: continue if item is _SENTINEL_MESSAGE: return try: self.callback(item) except Exception: self.stop() raise thread.callback = callback return thread