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import json
import sys
import threading
import time
from functools import cached_property
from traceback import format_exc

import uvicorn
from fastapi import APIRouter, Depends, FastAPI, Request
from fastapi.responses import JSONResponse
from prettytable import PrettyTable
from starlette.middleware.base import BaseHTTPMiddleware

from superduperdb import logging
from import build_datalayer
from superduperdb.base.datalayer import Datalayer

# --------------- Create exception handler middleware-----------------

[docs] class ExceptionHandlerMiddleware(BaseHTTPMiddleware):
[docs] async def dispatch(self, request: Request, call_next): try: return await call_next(request) except Exception as e: host = getattr(getattr(request, "client", None), "host", None) port = getattr(getattr(request, "client", None), "port", None) url = ( f"{request.url.path}?{request.query_params}" if request.query_params else request.url.path ) exception_type, exception_value, _ = sys.exc_info() exception_traceback = format_exc() exception_name = getattr(exception_type, "__name__", None) msg = f'{host}:{port} - "{request.method} {url}"\ 500 Internal Server Error <{exception_name}:\ {exception_value}>' logging.exception(msg, e=e) return JSONResponse( status_code=500, content={ 'error': exception_name, 'messages': msg, 'traceback': exception_traceback, }, )
[docs] class SuperDuperApp: """ This is a wrapper class that prepares helper functions used to create a fastapi application in the realm of superduperdb. """ def __init__(self, service='vector_search', port=8000, db: Datalayer = None): self.service = service self.port = port self.app_host = '' self._app = FastAPI() self.router = APIRouter() self._user_startup = False self._user_shutdown = False self._app.add_middleware(ExceptionHandlerMiddleware) self._db = db @cached_property def app(self): self._app.include_router(self.router) return self._app @cached_property def db(self): return self._app.state.pool
[docs] def add(self, *args, method='post', **kwargs): """ Register an endpoint with this method. """ def decorator(function): self.router.add_api_route( *args, **kwargs, endpoint=function, methods=[method] ) return decorator
[docs] def add_default_endpoints(self): """ Add a list of default endpoints which comes out of the box with `SuperDuperApp` """ @self.router.get('/health') def health(): return {'status': 200}'/handshake/config') def handshake(cfg: str): from superduperdb import CFG cfg_dict = json.loads(cfg) match = CFG.match(cfg_dict) if match: return {'status': 200, 'msg': 'matched'} diff = CFG.diff(cfg_dict) return JSONResponse( status_code=400, content={'error': f'Config doesn\'t match based on this diff: {diff}'}, )
[docs] def print_routes(self): table = PrettyTable() # Define the table headers table.field_names = ["Path", "Methods", "Function"] # Add rows to the table for route in self._app.routes: table.add_row([route.path, ", ".join(route.methods),])"Routes for '{self.service}' app: \n{table}")
[docs] def pre_start(self, cfg=None): self.add_default_endpoints() if not self._user_startup: self.startup(cfg=cfg) if not self._user_shutdown: self.shutdown() assert
[docs] def run(self): self._app, host=self.app_host, port=self.port, )
[docs] def start(self): """ This method is used to start the application server """ self.pre_start() self.print_routes()
[docs] def startup(self, function=None, cfg=None): """ This method is used to register a startup function """ self._user_startup = True @self._app.on_event('startup') def startup_db_client(): sys.path.append('./') if self._db is None: db = build_datalayer(cfg) else: db = self._db db.server_mode = True if function: function(db=db) self._app.state.pool = db return
[docs] def shutdown(self, function=None): """ This method is used to register a shutdown function """ self._user_shutdown = True @self._app.on_event('shutdown') def shutdown_db_client(): try: if function: function(db=self._app.state.pool) self._app.state.pool.close() except AttributeError: raise Exception('Could not close the database properly')
[docs] def database(request: Request) -> Datalayer: return
[docs] def DatalayerDependency(): """ A helper method to be used for injecting datalayer instance into endpoint implementation """ return Depends(database)
[docs] class Server(uvicorn.Server):
[docs] def install_signal_handlers(self): pass
[docs] def run_in_thread(self): self._thread = threading.Thread( self._thread.start() while not self.started: time.sleep(1e-3)
[docs] def stop(self): self.should_exit = True self._thread.join()