superduperdb.backends.local package#


superduperdb.backends.local.artifacts module#

class superduperdb.backends.local.artifacts.FileSystemArtifactStore(conn: Any, name: str | None = None)[source]#

Bases: ArtifactStore

Abstraction for storing large artifacts separately from primary data.

  • conn – root directory of the artifact store

  • name – subdirectory to use for this artifact store

_delete_bytes(file_id: str)[source]#

Delete artifact from artifact store :param file_id: File id uses to identify artifact in store


Disconnect the client

drop(force: bool = False)[source]#

Drop the artifact store.


Artifact store connection url

superduperdb.backends.local.compute module#

class superduperdb.backends.local.compute.LocalComputeBackend[source]#

Bases: ComputeBackend

A mockup backend for running jobs locally.

disconnect() None[source]#

Disconnect the local client.

property name: str#

Return the name of current compute engine

result(identifier: str) Any[source]#

Retrieves the result of a previously submitted task. Note: This will block until the future is completed.


identifier – The identifier of the submitted task.

shutdown() None[source]#

Shuts down the local cluster.

submit(function: Callable, *args, **kwargs) str[source]#

Submits a function for local execution.


function – The function to be executed.

property tasks: Dict[str, Any]#

List for all pending tasks

property type: str#

Return the type of compute engine

wait_all() None[source]#

Waits for all pending tasks to complete.

Module contents#