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Learn more about SuperDuperDB.

Is SuperDuperDB a database?

No, SuperDuperDB is not a traditional standalone database. Instead, it is a versatile Python framework or tool designed to seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence capabilities into various databases. It supports a wide range of databases, including but not limited to MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres, and more. The focus is on enhancing database functionality with AI features rather than serving as a standalone database solution.

Is SuperDuperDB a vector-database?

No, SuperDuperDB is not a vector-database. It is a versatile Python framework that excels in bringing AI into your favorite database.

Is plugging superduperdb directly into a database secure? What precautions are in place, and can I restrict access to specific tables, such as a users table?

To adhere to the principle of least privilege, SuperDuperDB requires read-only access to the tables you intend to index.

One option is maintaining your database as read-only and storing the index externally, such as on your filesystem. Alternatively, you can establish a new table dedicated to housing the index (e.g superduper_index). In this case, the requisite step would be granting us write access to that specific table.

For enhanced security, consider creating a new user specifically for SuperDuperDB. Grant this user read-only access to your data tables and read-write access exclusively to the superduper_index table.

If you value privacy as well, we recommend engaging in a more in-depth discussion within the project's Slack channel: SuperDuperDB Slack.

What benefits does superduperdb offer for training AI models (such as Classification) compared to conventional methods? Are there any fundamental distinctions?

While the underlying algorithm for training remains unchanged, the key distinction lies in the enhanced connectivity between your model and the data stores.

This improved connectivity enables users to easily customize their models for different data subsets, offering flexibility in model development.

Likewise, SuperDuperDB offers numerous conveniences for streaming inference, including Change-Data-Capture support, enabling the fast release of real-time applications.