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A Component is an object which is a combination of JSON-able parameters, and classes which are not serializable by JSON, but are saved as bytes-blobs.

Types of component

There are several key classes of objects in superduperdb all of which inherit from Component. All of these objects are to be found in superduperdb.component.*

These are:


An Encoder is a class which is responsible for converting special data-types in bytes and back.


A Model is a class which wraps a classical AI-model, but in-addition, brings additional tooling, such as the functions required for pre- and post-processing, as well as which Encoder is needed to encode outputs.


A Listener is a class which "deploys" a Model to "listen" for incoming data, and calculate predictions on this data, which are saved back to the database.


A VectorIndex is, informally, the necessary combination of Component instances, to create vector-search functionality, end-2-end. Formally, a VectorIndex is a combination of one or more Listener instances which have the additional property that one of them has vector outputs. The Model instances are used to create vectors for incoming queries, on the fly, as well as preparing incoming data, and saving vectors for this data in the database.


Some Component objects require special serialization protocols, in order to become saveable in the superduperdb world. Serializer is a "meta"-component which can save these custom serialization protocols for use by other Component instances.


A Schema connects traditional datatypes and Encoder instances, with tabular data.


A Dataset is an immutable snapshot of the database. This immutability is important for model validation, and reproducibility, among other tasks.


A Metric serves the purpose of evaluating the quality of Component instances - in particular, Model, Listener and VectorIndex instances.


A Stack is a way of connecting diverse and interoperating sets of functionality. See here for more details.

Activating components

Each of the components may be registered to work with superduperdb by passing a component instance to db.add.