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Component versioning

Whenever a Component is created (see here for overview of Component classes), information about that Component is saved in the db.metadata store.

All components come with attributes .identifier which is a unique identifying string for that Component instance. Whenever a Component with the same .identifier is created, the old version is deprecated and a new version is created.

Which .identifier values are present may be viewed, for instance, for Model instances, with:'model')

To view the versions of a particular model, you may do:'model', '<model-identifier>')

To load a component of a particular type, from the db.artifact_store do:

m = db.load('model', '<model-identifier>')

By default, this loads the latest version of the model into memory.

To load a particular model version, do:

m = db.load('model', '<model-identifier>', version=2)

This works for other components, such as VectorIndex.

VectorIndex instances also contain instances of:

  • Listener
  • Model

When one adds the VectorIndex with db.add(vector_index), the sub-components are also versioned, if a version has not already been assigned to those components in the same session.

Read more about VectorIndex and vector-searches here.