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Procedural/ Declarative

superduperdb provides 2 principle approaches for applying AI to the database

ProceduralTelling SuperDuperDB what to domodel.predict(X='txt', db=db)
DeclarativeTelling SuperDuperDB which state it should be indb.add(Listener(model=model, key='txt', select=c.find()))

Procedural API

The procedural API is better suited for experimentation, and will be more familiar to data-scientists, where the procedural API is inspired by the API of well known PyData packages, such as sklearn.

In particular, much functionality is covered by:

  • Model.predict

Declarative API

The declarative API is designed for production use-cases, and more sophisticated workflows. It is better suited for linking dependencies between components, and allows users to build stacks of functionality, with unlimited complexity. The declarative API will be more familiar to developers with an engineering or infrastructure background.

With the declarative API, developers work with:


The operand of this function call is always an instance of a descendant of Component, but may also contain itself many other Component descendant instances.

For instance, creating a VectorIndex involves also creating a Listener and a Model inline.


Read more about the VectorIndex concept here.