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SuperDuperDB provides a range of configurable options for setting up your environment:

Configurations can either be injected:

  • in a YAML file: .superduperdb/config.yaml or
  • through environment variables starting with SUPERDUPERDB_:
  • as **kwargs when calling the superduperdb.superduper function.

Here are the configurable settings and their project defaults (remaining configurations can be viewed in superduperdb.base.config). Note that as much or as little of this configuration can be specified. The remaining configurations will then take on their default values.

# URI of your database/ datastore (here the name of the db is `test_db`)
data_backend: mongodb://superduper:superduper@localhost:27017/test_db

# URI of your artifact store (defaults to `data_backend`)
artifact_store: null

# URI of your metadata store (defaults to `data_backend`)
metadata_store: null

# options for setting up a distributed cluster setup

# Size of chunks syncing data-base with vector-search
backfill_batch_size: 100

# URI of CDC service (default - no CDC)
cdc: null

# URI of compute resource (defaults to in-process)
compute: local://

# URI of vector-search service (defaults to numpy in-process)
vector_search: in_memory://

# Location of local search indices for lance
lance_home: .superduperdb/vector_indices

# Location of hybrid data (if `null` then no hybrid storage)
downloads_folder: null

# Probability of new data assigned to "valid"
fold_probability: 0.05

# Log-level DEBUG/ INFO
log_level: DEBUG

# Logging-type
logging_type: SYSTEM

# Parameters for retrying connections
stop_after_attempt: 2
wait_max: 10.0
wait_min: 4.0
wait_multiplier: 1.0

As an example, to reconfigure the URI of the data_backend we have two options:

A configuration file .superduperdb/config.yaml with this content only:

data_backend: mongodb://localhost:27018/documents

... or

$ export SUPERDUPERDB_DATA_BACKEND='mongodb://localhost:27018/documents'

You may view the configuration used by the system with:

python -m superduperdb config