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In this document we instantiate the variable db based on configuration and overrides. In the remainder of the documentation, we reuse this variable without comment

The simplest way to connect to superduperdb is with:

from superduperdb import superduper
db = superduper()

This command uses settings inherited from the configurations set previously. In order to connect to a different database, one can do:

db = superduper('mongodb://localhost:27018')

Additional configurations can be injected with **kwargs

db = superduper('mongodb://localhost:27018', artifact_store='filesystem://./data')

... or by passing a modified CFG object.

from superduperdb import CFG

CFG.artifact_store = 'filesystem://./data'
db = superduper('mongodb://localhost:27018', CFG=CFG)

The db object is an instance of superduperdb.base.datalayer.Datalayer. The Datalayer class handles AI models and communicates with the databackend and associated components. Read more here.