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Selecting data

After inserting data to superduperdb, it may be queried with a Select query.


MongoDB offers two types of basic Select query, which reflect the possibilites supported by the pymongo query API:


results = collection.find({}, {}).limit(20)      # type(results) == superduperdb.base.cursor.SuperDuperCursor
for r in results:
print(r) # type(r) == Document
print(r.unpack()) # type(r.unpack()) dict


results = collection.aggregate([
{'$match': {}},
{'$project': {'_id': 0}}


Most ibis read-query types are supported. An important requirement, is that tables referred to have been previously defined and loaded in order to create a query:

t = db.load('table', 'my_table')
results = db.execute('audio').limit(20)) # SuperDuperCursor
results = results.as_pandas() # convert to pandas.DataFrame if desired