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First steps

Follow these steps to get started with SuperDuperDB:

  1. Get setup

    1. Install SuperDuperDB
    2. Configure SuperDuperDB
    3. Try some of the basic tutorials
  2. Try some of our code-snippets and use-cases

    1. The code-snippets section provides building blocks to create functionality with SuperDuperDB
    2. The use-cases section gives selective examples of how to build complex functionality with SuperDuperDB.
  3. Read more about usage-patterns and key functionality of SuperDuperDB

    The API reference (overview, connect, apply, execute) gives the central usage patterns and their purpose.

  4. Read about production features

    superduperdb was designed with production specifically in mind. Read more about this here.

  5. Build understanding

    To understand more about how superduperdb works, read through the Fundamentals and refer to the API References for detailed information on API usage.

  6. Create your own SuperDuperDB components

    SuperDuperDB makes it easy to write your own models and functionality, with its Model base class. Learn how to write a custom Model here.

  7. Engage with the Community

    If you encounter challenges, join our Slack Channels for assistance. Report bugs and share feature requests by raising an issue. Our community is here to support you.

    You are welcome to join the conversation on our discussions forum and follow our open-source roadmap here.

  8. Contribute and Share

    Contribute to the SuperDuperDB community by sharing your solutions and experiences. Help us grow by promoting SuperDuperDB to your peers and the wider world. Your involvement is valuable to us! Don't forget to give us a star ⭐!

    SuperDuperDB is a community effort and licensed under Apache 2.0. We encourage enthusiastic developers to contribute to the project. Read more here and on GitHub about getting setup and ways you can contribute.